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The Humanities go digital

In this week’s episode of Post-Everything, Phoenix takes us to the Maker Lab at UVic where she explores 3D printers, the Maker Movement and related research at the university. We also visit Maker Space Victoria with Phoenix where she talks to Derek Jacoby about the creative work going on there.

Follow the Maker Lab on Twitter for some thought provoking Tweets — some of which are generated by their furniture!

Related: This week on Beyond the Jargon, Grad Student, Shaun Macpherson discusses his research in Digital Humanities and the theory behind it. He talks about the Maker Movement, what ‘Digital Humanities’ means and the idea of digital realities


Food Security and Local Farming

This week Jenn Harmer talks to local farmers and environmental activist Dr. Vandana Shiva about food security. Dr. Shiva Visited the University of Victoria to give a talk on “The Future of Food” on March 27.

“University-trained as a physicist and philosopher, Dr. Vandana Shiva is one of the world’s most important ecofeminists and social justice activists. She founded Navdanya (“nine seeds”) – a women-centred movement to protect biological and cultural diversity – in India in 1987. She has since become a leading proponent of community food security, organic farming, seed-saving, and women’s involvement in agriculture. Navdanya has conserved more than 5,000 varieties of rice, wheat and other produce.”

Jenn also interviews local farmers from Greater Victoria to ask about local food security.






Post Everything attends a Forge-in



This week on Post Everything: A bunch of blacksmiths from across the Pacific Northwest drove up to Metchosin to sleep in a forge and work on an art piece all weekend. It’s going to Toronto’s Pearson International when it’s done. Johanna takes a look at modern blacksmithing and what it’s about.



Post Everything Victoria Film Fest Part 2

In this episode of Post Everything we finish up our Victoria Film Festival coverage with three interviews.


Filmmaker Patricia Sims tells the story of the Elephant Reintroduction Foundation and “…its mission to return captive Asian elephants back to their rightful place in the wild in Thailand to save them from abuse, exploitation and extinction.” This short film is just the prequel to the release of the full length feature, Elephants Never Forget, a film project currently underway that follows Asian elephants and their struggles.

Rob Stewart came by the CFUV studios to talk about his new film Revolution, which covers the conservation movement. “Revolution is a film about changing the world. The true-life adventure of Rob Stewart, this follow-up to his acclaimed SHARKWATER documentary continues his remarkable journey; one that will take him through 15 countries over four years, and where he’ll discover that it’s not only sharks that are in grave danger – it’s humanity itself.”

Comic book writer and artist Trina Robbins joins Liz in the studio to talk about the documentary Wonder Women! The untold story of American superheroines

Victoria Film Festival special episode

This week on Post Everything we bring you the 19th annual Victoria Film Festival, which brings film to life for 10 days in our city. Phoenix Bain interviews John Holiff about his film My Father and the Man in Black which uses audio and memorabilia found in a storage locker to look  into the life of Saul Holiff as manager of Johnny Cash in the 1960s. Liz McArthur interviews Mike Hanus about his comedy Jackhammer, which was filmed in Victoria and tells the story of an actor down on his luck who turns to male stripping with the help of his brother.

The film festival runs until February 10.


The Warren Talks

For the past three episodes of Post Everything we’ve been airing the Warren Talks. The Warren Talks are a speaker series present by the Warren Undergraduate Review, UVic’s interdisciplinary journal. In this series Amy Côté , Helen Williams and Zoe McCormack explore memory.

Amy Côté is a fourth year honours student in English, the Co-Editor for the Albatross, and Editorial Assistant for Victoria in Review she talks about her experience in the I-witness field school project.

Cognitive Psychologist Helen Williams gives her talk on “False Memories.”

Zoe McCormack talks about Scottish identity and Julia Hostetler finishes off the program with her review of the film Rust and Bone.