Cycle Time!

This week on Post Everything, host Michelle Macklem looks at the culture of cycling in Victoria and beyond.

"Cycling the Pacific Ring of Fire", "volcano-hopping" by mountain bike around the globe's largest ocean is an expedition of epic proportions undertaken by Canadian adventurers Janick Lemieux and Pierre Bouchard.

She spoke with French Canadian adventurers, Janick Lemieux and Pierre Bouchard about their documentary “Cycling the Pacific Ring of Fire.” They cycled through over 60 countries in over 72 months. This expedition encompasses over 50, 000 km in the “ring of fire” region known for its live volcanoes. They set out to learn about volcanism and the people who live on the surrounding land. They documented the trip and compiled a documentary which they are touring with across North America.

GVCCShe also spoke with Edward Pullman from the Greater Victoria Cycling Coalition about the culture of cycling in Victoria and the important role cycling plays in the Victoria community. The GVCC aims to promote and improve conditions for cycling in Victoria by improving cycling education, facilitating community, improving facilities and legal climate for bicycle use, and developing a cycling information base. Since it’s beginning in 1991,  the GVCC has become one of Western Canada’s most active, successful, and largest cycling advocacy organizations, representing over 300 members and thousands of cyclists in Victoria. For more information on the GVCC, please visit

Until next time!


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