Community Health in Victoria

This week on Post Everything, host Johanna Henderson focused on two local organizations on the community health model in Victoria and how they are coming up with new and creative ways to ensure that all members of the community have access to health care.

The Hearts & Hands Collective is a community based enterprise that believes Hearts and Hands are the root of what supports healing. They offer high quality, affordable holistic care while emphasizing self-care while decreasing cost. From the community, they ask  that you pay for acupuncture while spreading the word of the Collective while they work to serve you by providing acupuncture to the community. Through this model and the practice of compassion, respect, dignity, and equality, they aim to better serve the community and offer the services at an affordable and accessible health care.

The Victoria Community Health Cooperative aims to offer integrative, primary health care education service that are accessible to everyone through membership and participation with the Cooperative. They believe in equal access and universal health care, no discrimination, and community participation. They provide free, accessible education programs to the community to promote all aspects of health, provide access to a broad range of services through a multidisciplinary health team,  and to create co-operative community health centers.


Johanna spoke with Christina Chan from the Hearts & Hands Collective and Dacia Moss from the Victoria Community Health Cooperative about their community health model and the creative ways they provide access to health care for the community. Listen below!

For more information on either of these organizations, please visit or


Until next time!


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