Beyond Body, Beyond Mind with Dr. Sukhi

This week on Post Everything, host Johnnie Regalado featured an interview with co-host Phoenix Bain and Dr. Sukhi.

Dr. Sukhi is a doctor of Chiropractic medicine, a speaker, an ultra-endurance athlete, and an author. He started out as a high school drop-out with a drug problem and through education in over 200 disciplines overcame his hardships to become who he is today.  His first book, Beyond Body, Beyond Mind, aims to provide readers with insight on how to, “…experience our own power when we remove the barriers of our potential.”
His Victoria book launch is this Thursday at 714 Discovery St. (The Discovery Sports Centre). You can register online and find out more about Dr. Sukhi at

Phoenix spoke with Dr. Sukhi about his new book, his goals for the readers, and his inspiration. Check it out below!


Until next time!



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