Pet Photography

This week on Post Everything, I delved into the pet culture around Victoria. I moved here a few years ago from Windsor, Ontario with my Shih-Tzu, Poochie.

This is my dog. I am in no way a photographer (the point of the episode is to show how more amazing pet photography is from this phone picture), but I just want to show my inspiration behind this episode.

We both, I think, were pleasantly surprised to find the abundance of pet services offered, especially for a small town. Victoria offers everything from mobile dog grooming, to pet boutiques, to gorgeous dog parks, and, of course the focus of the program, pet photography. I chose to focus on photography because although Windsor did have pet stores (no boutique), pet groomers, and a couple (quite small) dog parks, they did not offer much in the way of pet photography. Some photographers allow pets into their family photographs, but there are only two dedicated pet photographers and one is not based in Windsor directly.

© Chasing Charlie Pet Photography by Jesse Holland

© Unleashed! pet portraits by melissa mccabe /

Here, there is a fantastic culture surrounding pet art, everything from paintings to photographs and portraits. It is a way to capture the personality of the pet in the photo in a way that is timeless and a little something extra than just a family photo. Pets, for anyone who has had one, become part of the family and these photographers aim to  immortalize our furry friends in a piece of art. Aside from our own pets, there is also an area of rescue and adoption photography that has become an important aspect for prospective pet owners. These photos not only capture personality,but also aid in helping finding them the perfect home.

I spoke with two photographers in town, Jesse Holland, from Chasing Charlie Pet Photography, and Melissa, from Unleashed! pet portraits. They both spoke about their inspiration to get involved in this area of photography, their rescue and adoption photography, what they love best about their work.

© Chasing Charlie Pet Photography by Jesse Holland

© Unleashed! pet portraits by melissa mccabe /

Check out the episode below!

If you’re interested in Jesse’s work, please visit for more information. If you are interested in Melissa’s work, please visit for more information.


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