The Sound of Sound

This week on Post Everything, host Michelle Macklem spoke with UVic professor Dr. Alexandrine Boudreault-Fournier. This episode focused on the anthropology of sound and what sound tells us about our everyday experiences and, more broadly, the culture we live in. In the visual culture we live in, it’s easy to forget the role that sounds play in how we view the world. The example used in the show is imagining your morning routine not in terms of images (ex. the food you eat, the shoes you are wearing), but in terms of the sounds, voices, music, and even silence that brings you through this very common routine. It’s hard to imagine, and even more difficult if you try to imagine your entire day in terms of sound. Dr. Boudreault-Fournier focuses on “the anthropological approach of what would constitute an “Ethnography of image and sound production.” It aims at thinking creatively about anthropology while experimenting with the audio-visual medium.” She is currently teaching a course at UVic, The Anthropology of Sound, which “…aims to sensitize students to the often forgotten presence of sounds in everyday life. More than just a phenomenological account of sound, the course proposes to consider all sound-related dimensions (noise, music, voice, etc.) as significant elements of research and analysis.”

Check out the episode below!


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