Happy Birthday John Cage!

This week on Post Everything, host Phoenix Bain spoke with Christopher Butterfield from the UVic School of Music about the Cage 100 Festival celebrating the 100th Birthday of John Cage.

John Cage was one of the most influential composers of the 20th century. To summarize the importance of John Cage in music or talk about the things he accomplished in his life would take pages upon pages. His unique approach to music caused radical innovations that are still being felt in today’s generation. Bands from Sonic Youth to Radiohead and composers like Phillip Glass, all cite Cage as major influences. On top of his music, Cage was instrumental in the creation of modern dance,  a writer, an expert on mushrooms, and an artist.

Phoenix spoke with Christopher, a musician, composer, and professor in the UVic School of Music, who spearheaded the idea of Victoria having its own chapter in celebrating the Cage 100 Festival. He drew from all disciplines to create a “birthday party” that would cover all or most of Cage’s interests and showcase his impact and importance in music and culture.

Listen below!

CORRECTION: During the podcast, the music is composed by local artist Ookpik and the theme is composed by local musician Dan Godlovitch. When the episode was originally aired, compositions by John Cage were included.

Open Space Gallery,the Victoria Symphony, the Art Gallery of Greater Victoria, and UVic are all part of the Cage 100 Festival. The AGGV kicks off the festival on November 8th, followed by a concert presented by the UVic School of Music on the 16th, the Symphony on the 17th, UVic again on the 18th, Open Space Gallery on the 19th, finishing off at AGGV on the 22nd. Check out http://www.victoriasymphony.ca/concert/cage-100/ for  full concert information and to download a schedule.

For more on John Cage himself, check out:

www.johncage.info – A John Cage Database

www.johncage.org – His Official Website

http://www.guardian.co.uk/music/2004/jan/16/classicalmusicandopera1 – An article about John Cage featuring quotes from those who knew him

http://artofthestates.org/cgi-bin/composer.pl?comp=1 – A link to listen to some of Cage’s music

http://www.ubu.com/sound/cage.html – Another music link

http://www.crownpoint.com/artists/cage/index.html – A link to view some of Cage’s art

Until next time!


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