Inside the Projectionist’s Booth

This week on Post Everything, host Johnnie Regalado talks with Cinecenta Film Programmer/Program Coodinator Michael Hoppe and projectionist Christine Oust. Cinecenta is about to make the switch to a new digital projector, ushering in the new age of film. This is the next step in the digital revolution, records become MP3s while film goes from reels to digital. The digital projector will replace the 35mm film and drastically alters the work involved with film. The projectionist as we knew it is slowly dying out as we make way for this new age.

35mm Projector

Johnnie talks with both about Cinecenta’s transition, the difference between 35mm and digital, horror stories involved with 35mm film, and how this change affects the film industry. Listen below!


35mm Film – Movie Canisters


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