Revolutionizing Culinary Standards

This week on Post Everything, Michelle took to the streets of Victoria to discover new culinary trends emerging in town. The growing trend focuses on taking childhood favourites and repackaging them for a new market. The new market is the young, more professional generation here in Victoria. These are all foods we are very familiar with, pizza, popsicles, and ice cream, that are being recreated into quality products to suit a new generation.

Each of the three culin ary establishments Michelle focused on have opened within the last 18 months. Famoso pizzeria recently opened on the outside of the Market Square in downtown Victoria. Famoso is a growing chain here in Canada inspired by a trip to Italy. Upon his return to Canada, Justin Lussier and his two friends Jason Allard and Christian Bullock trained with the Associazione Verace Pizza Napoletana and learned the cooking process and unique ingredients required for authentic Neapolitan pizza. They strive for authenticity and the best ingredients for quality (and very tasty) pizza. Michelle spoke with Justin Lussier, one of the founders of Famoso pizzeria, and Corey Arseno about the new store in Victoria and the culinary tradition of Famoso pizza.


Next, she spoke with Brett Black owner and operator of Fruition Paletas. Paletas are a Mexican name for frozen fresh fruit dessert bars, similar to what we call “popsicles” in Canada which is technically a brand name. Paletas from Fruition Paletas are made with fresh fruit and contain no artificial flavours, colours or concentrates. They have a strong focus on sourcing local fruits, organic exotics, fair trade organic sugar and vanilla, and organic dairy products to use in paletas and ice cream bars. Michelle and Brett talked about the origin of Paletas and how he makes Paletas.



Michelle also spoke with owner and operator Autumn Maxwell from Cold Comfort Ice Cream. Cold Comfort began in 2011 with a heavy focus on quality and local products, and has quickly expanded creating new and unique flavors such as Goat Cheese and Lavender. Michelle talked with Autumn about how she makes her ice cream and her inspiration for her flavours.


Check out the episode below! For more information on any of the three establishments featured this week, click on their accompanying photos.

Until next time!


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