Superheroes of Victoria + Habitat Acquisition Trust

This week on Post Everything, host Ali Lopez featured two local interviews. The first was with Mark Ashfield from the Superheroes of Victoria Charity Group. This group is dedicated to raising money and awareness for the BC Children’s Hospital and their “Be A Superhero Campaign.” The organization agrees that the best way to help this campaign is with actual superheroes. The volunteers dress up as superheroes for all of their events whether small or large. As a non-profit organization, they depend on volunteers for all of these events to be possible.

They are always looking for volunteers to help their cause! Their next event is a photoshoot (by donation) on September 1st in Market Square with all the proceeds going to BC Children’s Hospital. Ali caught up with Mark Ashfield, founder (and Superman!) of Superheroes of Victoria about the organization. Listen below!

For more information on Superheroes of Victoria, click on the photo above! If you want more information about the upcoming photoshoot, visit the Facebook event page here:

Next, Ali spoke with Todd Carnahan, Land Care Coordinator for the Habitat Acquisition Trust. The Habitat Acquisition Trust or HAT help people understand and care for natural environments in the Capital region.  They are  non-profit and work to protect land permanently through land acquisition, conservation, and education. Ali spoke with Todd about HAT and their various projects. Listen below!

For more information about HAT and their many upcoming events, please visit

Until next time!


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