Bio-Medical Engineering and Neuroscience

This week, host Phoenix Bain focused on a health theme for Post Everything. The episode focuses on the new Bio-Medical Engineering degree offered at UVic this fall as well as some insight into neuroscience and our own bodies.

Tom Tiedje, Dean of Engineering, and Dan Gunn, VIATeC Executive Director

To find out more about the Bio-Medical Engineering program, we spoke with the Dean of Engineering, Dr. Tom Tiedje. Bio-Medical Engineering, by definition, “…is the application of engineering principles and design concepts to medicine and biology. This field seeks to close the gap between engineering and medicine: It combines the design and problem solving skills of engineering with medical and biological sciences to improve healthcare diagnosis, monitoring, and therapy.”  Biomedical engineers are involved in many aspects of developing and researching tools such as artificial organs, prostheses, medical instruments, and information systems.  Specifically at UVic, Bio-Medical Engineers can become involved in many areas of health-related fields such as bio-mechanics, medical imaging, rehabilitation engineering, and regenerative medicine. Dr. Tom Tiedje highlighted some of the aspects of the UVic program, which is the first of its kind in Western Canada, and the benefits of the program to UVic and it’s students.

To learn more about the Bio-Medical Engineering program at UVic, please visit

Next, we spoke with Dr. E. Paul Zehr, director for the  Centre for Biomedical Research and Professor at the Rehabilitation Neuroscience Laboratory at UVic. His main research areas are  neural control of human movement, the role of reflexes in coordination of limbs,  and recovery from stroke and spinal cord injuries. He also is  the author of two books, Becoming Batman and Inventing Iron Man, where he looks into using superheroes to explore science and our own bodies. In the interview, he talked a bit about his research, about his two novels, and what we should know about our bodies. Check out the episode below!

For more information on Dr. E. Paul Zehr, please visit or check out his talk at Cafe Scientifique in 2011 below!


Until next time!


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