Some Invasive Species Removal + A Conversation with Deirdre Logue & Doug Jarvis

July 9th’s episode of Post Everything was packed with a very informative talk   about  Gary Oak ecosystem restoration, courtesy of Marilyn Fuchs, Environmental Conservation Specialist for CRD Regional Parks. June 6th marked the CRD’s 11th annual Mill Hill Scotch Broom sweep; the invasive species is removed in large amounts as part of the CRD’s Mill Hill Restoration Project. Marilyn sits down with me to talk about the importance of invasive species removal and about the project over all. You can listen to a pod-cast of the July 9th’s episode click here.

This episode also features Part 1 of an intimate interview with Open Space’s guest curator Doug Jarvis and current visiting artist Deirdre Logue. Deirdre will be unveiling her latest self-portrait, ID’S ITS this coming Friday, July 13th at Open Space Gallery. This latest work from internationally acclaimed, experimental film artist is a result of a 3 month artist residency in Victoria. Deirdre, Doug and I sit in the shambles of what will be a highly anticipated, immersive installation, as we discuss Logue’s work; it’s methods, obsessions, influences, and much more.

Due to the volume of the interview it was split into two parts. Both parts of the interview are available for you listening pleasure here.

Video Still of Pond by Deirdre Logue (2011)


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