This week’s theme on Post Everything was bikes. For the month of June, the Victoria International Cycling Festival, Canada’s biggest  is in full gear all around town partnering with many other non-profit organizations like themselves to bring us some of the coolest summer events.

Victoria International Cycling Festival 2012: Canada’s Biggest Cycling Celebration from VICF on Vimeo.

VICF kicked off on June 2nd at Phillip’s Brewery with Canadian bands Wintersleep and We Are the City. There are plenty of different events to enjoy such as Spoke ‘N Word down at Habit Chinatown. This event features various bike themed speakers, such as Travel Night and upcoming this Wednesday, Cycle Tourism. Also throughout the month of June is Pedalling Art which features bike themed photography and paintings from local artists at coffee shops scattered throughout town. Coming up this weekend in the Inner Harbour on the lawn of the Empress and the BC Legislature will be Island Savings Family Bike Festival and the Classic Bike Rally. And of course, you can’t forget about Jumpship! Jumpship is organized by the Dockside Mountain Bike Society to promote mountain biking in an urban area and showcase Victoria. It is an action-packed event where riders compete on barges in the gorgeous Inner Harbour of Victoria for cash prizes. It is one of the coolest events of the summer!

Jump Ship 2012 from Aaron Larocque on Vimeo.

Also part of VICF this year is Theatre Skam’s Bike Ride. Bike Ride is a family event spread out over 4km of the Galloping Goose Trail and features local theatre scattered among the trail and he audience rides from show to show. This incredibly unique event is in its 4th year and this year has special performances focused on Victoria’s 150th anniversary.









I caught up with Rob Fawcett from VICF to chat about the festival and some of the events happening around town and Max from Theatre Skam and Mily Mumford from Determined Illusions, one of the theatre groups involved in Bike Ride, to chat about this year’s Bike Ride. Check out the interview below!

For more info on Theatre SKAM’s Bike Ride, please visit and for more info on VICF, please visit


Stay tuned for more Post Everything!

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