Arms and the Man

Arms and the Man is a comedy written by George Bernard Shaw that premiered in 1894 and has since gone on to be Shaw’s first hit and most produced work. For their 2012 season, Blue Bridge Repertory Theatre has put on this production with a fantastic cast including local lead actress just returning from the Stratford Festival, Amanda Lisman, and returning Blue Bridge actor (from broadway!) Dylan Smith. Our host Phoenix Bain caught up Glynis Leyshon, the director, to chat about Arms and the Man. Check out the interview below!

Blue Bridge Repertory Theatre was established in 2008 led by veteran producer and director Brian Richmond. Blue Bridge has received critical acclaim since day one as a professional theatre company with world-class productions of great plays while offering the opportunity for early professional career artists to work alonsgside some of Canada’s most respected in the field of theatre. Some of the notable works include Death of a Salesman, A Streetcar Named Desire, and As You Like It. For more information on Blue Bridge or the rest of their 2012 season, please visit

For tickets and ticket information for Arms and the Man, please visit

For more information about Glynis Leyshon, visit

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