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This episode’s theme revolved around where artists first begin, and in Victoria, that place most of the time is the Fine Arts department at the University of Victoria. The Fine Arts department hosts 1500 students a year in a variety of departments that include Writing, Visual Arts, and Theatre and most of the graduates end up working, performing, and creating within the Victoria community. The examples of UVic Fine Arts alumni within the Victoria arts community are endless, but all are brilliant individuals with beginnings on the UVic campus. I chatted with three BFA graduates in the Theatre department, Angie Lopez, Mik Byskov, and Randy Edmonson and an MFA graduate in the Visual Arts department, Sasha Opeiko. Each of these students offered a unique perspective into the Fine Arts program, what it has done for them, and how it has prepared them as artists going out into the community.

Listen to the interview below!

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Post Everything is a spoken word show with rotating programmers that focus on arts and culture around Victoria. The show airs every Monday on CFUV 101.9 FM from 1:30pm until 2pm (PT). You can check us out live online or stream our previous week’s episode at www.cfuv.uvic.ca.

The MFA Graduating Thesis Exhibition which opens May 4th in the Visual Arts building with an open reception at 7:30pm and closes on May 12th. The exhibition is free and open to the public. Check out http://finearts.uvic.ca/visualarts/mfaexhibitions/2012/ for more information on the event and artist bios including Sasha Opeiko.

Visit www.finearts.uvic.ca for more information about the programs and any upcoming events such as the 2012/2013 Phoenix Theatre season, free performances from the UVic School of Music at the Philip T. Young Recital Hall, and various exhibitions from the Visual Arts department.


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